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Last updated: July 20, 2010

Programming Language Reading Group

The PL reading group meets once a week for presentation and discussion of recent and on-going research in programming languages and type systems. A different speaker is responsible for the presentation every week. Speakers present work by others and/or by themselves (in progress, completed, or already published). Speakers and topics are selected in consultation with the reading group organizers.

Speakers are urged to prepare overhead slides for their presentation. They should strive in making their topic accessible to an informed audience, but not necessarily expert on its technical details.

During the Fall of 2006 we plan to investigate the use of programming language techniques to verify the correctness of operating system components.

  • Organization
    • Organizers: Assaf Kfoury, Hongwei Xi
    • Meeting time: Fall 2006 -- Friday, from 11:00 to 12:30 pm.
    • Meeting place:Room 180, MCS building, Cummington Street 111, Boston University.
    • To email people: pl-reading-group@types.bu.edu

  • Previous Meetings
    • 09/16/2004
      A Typed Intermediate Language for Object-Oriented Programming Languages, presented by Chiyan Chen.
      abstract slides(.pdf)
    • 09/23/2004
      Safe Programming with Pointers in ATS, presented by Dengping Zhu.
      abstract slides(.ppt)
    • 09/30/2004
      A Formal Semantics For Weak Refenences, presented by Joe Hallett .
      abstract slides(.ps)
    • 10/07/2004
      No meeting.
    • 10/14/2004
      TAL/SV: An Abstract Typed Assembly Language with Stateful Views, presented by Sa Cui .
      abstract slides(.ps)
    • 10/21/2004
      Selective Open Recursion: A Solution to the Fragile Base Class Problem, presented by Kevin Donnelly .
      abstract slides(.pdf)
    • 10/28/2004
      Safe Compositional Specification of Network Systems, presented by Likai Liu .
      abstract slides(.pdf)
    • 11/04/2004
      QuickCheck: An Automatic Testing Tool for Haskell, presented by Jue Wang .
      abstract slides(.pdf)
    • 11/11/2004
      No meeting.
    • 11/18/2004
      Typeful Code Representation at Low-level, presented by Rui Shi .
      abstract slides(.pdf)
    • 11/25/2004
      No meeting.
    • 12/02/2004
      Formal models for programming languages: FJ and FGJ, presented by Alexandra Stefan .
      abstract slides(.ppt)