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Last updated: July 20, 2010

Mini-Seminar on Object-Oriented Languages

  • Organization
    • Seminar coordinator: Assaf Kfoury.
    • Meeting time:
      • Fall 1997 -- Monday, from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.
      • Spring 1998 -- Monday, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
    • Meeting place: Room 135 at Boston University.
    • Study material are selected chapters from:
      • [AbaCar 96]: A Theory of Objects by M. Abadi and L. Cardelli.
      • [GunMit 94]: Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming, a collection edited by C.A. Gunter and J.C. Mitchell.
      in addition to other recent technical reports. Suggestions welcome.
    There are no exercises in [AbaCar 96] and no exercises in [GunMit 94]. But we need a mechanism to enforce the learning process (especially for the students who are taking the seminar for credit). So, instead of solving exercises from week to week, we follow the alternative of composing exercises. To write a good exercise is no trivial matter: Even if the topic it addresses is elementary, it takes some effort to make it interesting (not obscure) and pedagogically useful. Specifically, the policy is this:
    1. Each one of us composes at least 2 exercises every week, based on the reading material for that week. Electronic submissions preferred.
    2. The seminar coordinator collects the exercises every week and posts them. Alternatively, you can enter directly your exercises and proposed solutions, if any, in the files "exercises.tex" and "solutions.tex" (both are under RCS control) in the directory

    3. /sw/pub/www/groups/church/ool-mini-seminar/
      on the CS cluster at BU.
    We hope to have a nice collection of exercises on the material covered. It would be available for anyone to use in future seminars on the foundations of OOL.
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