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Last updated: July 20, 2010


This page is intended for members for the Church Project. It explains how to add new pages to the website, how to add new reports to the report list, and how the mailing lists are administered.

Adding new pages

To add a new HTML content page, place the file in this site's root directory or any subdirectory thereof and set appropriate read permissions. The HTML should contain only the content for that page, there is no need to add menus or general site formatting information. To link to a page so that the menu/background/formatting match, link to the index page in some way and supply the page path as a parameter, without an HTML suffix:

     <a href="index.php?p=path/example">link to path/example.html</a>

If "clean" links/permalinks for pages are desired, we may choose to add some rewrite rules to be executed by Apache upon request.

Adding new report entries

To add a new report, place a properly formatted BiBTeX entry in the file bib-church-project.bib in this website's root directory. Please add the most recent reports to the top of the list.

Electronic copies of reports can be deposited in the reports/electronic/ directory.

Mailing list administration

Mailing lists are administered using mailman by a single administrator at any given time. The current administrator is lapets at bu.edu.

Archives of retired mailing lists, including lists of subscribers at the time of retirement, can be found in the types-archived-mail directory. This directory is readable only by members of the church group.