Java Espresso

Java espresso is a Java 1.0 compliant compiler being developed at Boston University. The project started last semester under the coordination of Prof. A. J. Kfoury. The objectives of this implementation were to understand the issues involved in the development of a modern object-oriented compiler for a real language, to study the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its runtime system and to discover places where some of the technology developed by The Church Project could be applied.

  Two graduate students were responsible for the implementation: Santiago M. Pericas (PhD) and Karl Doerig (MA). Two other students were also involved in the project: Gabriel Nasser and Jisook Youn. The first non-trivial programs were compiled after three months of very hard work. The sources for version 0.4 (that includes support for exceptions) can be downloaded here.

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Santiago Pericas, Karl Doerig

Created :     98.01.21
Modified :    98.08.20